Tell a friend script with contacts importer

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The only tell a friend script with email contacts importer, multi-level rewards and follow-up emails

Word of mouth marketing campaigns. Tell a friend contests. Contacts importer.
Super Tell A Friend main features:
Contact importer screenshot

Webmail contacts importer

File importer and classic tell a friend

Easy sharer module
Social media sharer

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Multi-level rewards

Scheduled email reminders

Follow-up emails
Custom reports and statistics
Do you want to get a lot of FREE TRAFFIC from your website visitors?
Introducing Super Tell A Friend PRO: the most complete and efficient tell a friend script on the market.

Using the same method like Facebook or Myspace, Super Tell A Friend allows you to implement word of mouth marketing campaigns directly on your websites. Your website visitors are able to import their email address book and send mass personalized email invitations to all their friends asking them to join your website.

Are you looking for HIGH QUALITY TRAFFIC? Use "Tell A Friend Marketing" for SERIOUS RESULTS!

Super Tell A Friend PRO is a web based script that lets you implement word of mouth marketing campaigns directly on your website.
It's a powerful and simple way to grow visits and sales by driving your visitors to refer friends.

90% of online consumers trust recommendations!
"Tell a friend" referrals bring the best traffic a website can get, because a referral adds real credibility to your message.

This application is the most complete and efficient tell a friend script on the market!

Super Tell A Friend is the only tell a friend script that allows you to reward the users for inviting their friends to join your website. You can reward the users for total number of invited friends, for total visitors or for custom goals/conversions.
Also, the script has a lot of other great features such as scheduled reminders for invited friends or follow-up emails.

Why Super Tell A Friend is the best option for you?

Super Tell A Friend is the best script to use if you want to implement word of mouth marketing campaigns directly on your website.
You can compare here Super Tell A Friend VS other scripts.

Super Tell A Friend allows your website visitors to invite their friends using 5 methods:

1. Contacts importer for the top webmail providers in the world (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Live, Lycos, AOL, MSN, GMX, ICQ Mail, Rediffmail,, etc). Country/region specific/second level email addresses are supported (.uk, .de, .fr, .it, .br, .es, .au, .nz, .ca, etc).
Auto-detect email provider feature is also included.

2. CSV/TXT contact importer (Import files exported from Outlook, Thunderbird or from email addressbook. Text or generic files with two columns are also accepted).

3. Manually add emails (classic tell a friend but with unlimited number of recipients).

4. Social networks sharer (bookmark or share your website on Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, etc)

5. Easy sharer module (mass messages on Yahoo Messenger and on Skype)

Super Tell A Friend main features and benefits:

5 in 1 viral tell a friend script: Webmail contact importer, CSV/TXT file importer, classic tell a friend with unlimited number of recipients, mass messenger messages and social networks sharer.
5 visual themes/skins included in the package.
For a better integration on your website, in admin panel, you can change the visual theme of the public interface
Contact importer from the top email providers in the world.
Your visitors can retrieve their contacts or address book directly from their email accounts
. All major webmail services are supported.
Invite unlimited friends.
Using the email contact importer or the file importer, your users can invite an unlimited amount of friends to your website.
Social networking. The users can share your website on all major social networks. Website sharer module is simple and it has the most popular bookmarks, so your users wouldn't need to waste time searching for them.
Multiple functionality.
Tell a friend script, email list building(opt-in feature included), mailing list manager and newsletter software.
Mailing list manager.
A mailing list manager is included allowing your users the option to subscribe to your newsletters.
In admin panel you can view, edit, export and send emails to your subscribers
100% SAFE.
To import the contacts, the script simulates a web browser(secure API access is also provided).
The emails can be sent by your internal mailing server or by an external SMTP server. Multiple external SMTP servers can be used.
The sensitive data is secure. This is not an open source or an addon, so the script and the database will be installed on your server. The sensitive data, the subscribers, the emails and the contacts ARE NOT STORED on foreign servers.
"Invite to unlock content" feature. You can lock the content on any page/section from your website. The visitors are able to view the locked content only if they will invite a certain number of friends.
To send the emails, you can use your hosting internal email server or SMTP servers. The script will automatically switch between the SMTP servers. It also works with free Gmail SMTP servers.
High level of security: Captcha security image, restrict the users by email or by IP address, block emails by domain name, define server's email limits(per hour and per day).
High INBOX delivery rate.
The email delivery process is optimized and all email invitations are configured to pass the spam filters.
Rich HTML Emails.
The emails support customized rich HTML emails to match your website with images, links and formatted text.
Personalized email invitations. In all emails you can use special merge tags, automatically replaced by the script: "Recipient's Name", "Recipient's Email", "Sender's Name", "Sender's Email", "Landing page", "Unsubscribe link", etc.
Follow-up emails/newsletters for invited contacts and subscribers. Detailed reports with graphics for all follow-up campaigns.
Newsletter module. You can send scheduled emails to all users in the database (invited contacts, users and subscribers).
Detailed reports and visitor statistics. You can view all activity straight from your control panel.
Also you have the ability to download all emails in CSV format and import the lists later in any 3rd party software.
Scheduled email reminders for all users, visitors and subscribers.
Facebook tab integration.
The script can be integrated on your websites or it can be integrated as a Facebook application
Multi-level rewards to motivate the users to invite as many contacts as possible.
You can reward the users for inviting their friends and also for the number of visitors:
Reward #1 - for the total number of invitations sent
Reward #2 - for the total number of visitors
Reward #3 - for the number of timed visitors
Reward #4 - for a custom goal (registrants, subscribers, customers, etc)
Customizable thank you email and redirection page.
All users will receive a custom thank you email and they will be redirected to predefined landing page.
Easy to install on your website. FREE updates.
And a lot more!