Tell a friend script with contacts importer

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The only tell a friend script with email contacts importer, multi-level rewards and follow-up emails

Word of mouth marketing campaigns. Tell a friend contests. Contacts importer.
Super Tell A Friend main features:
Contact importer screenshot

Webmail contacts importer

File importer and classic tell a friend

Easy sharer module
Social media sharer

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Multi-level rewards

Scheduled email reminders

Follow-up emails
Custom reports and statistics
Super Tell A Friend main features and benefits
It allows your users/visitors to invite their friends to visit your website or to promote their affiliate links.
Email list building, opt-in to our mailing list and newsletter software.
The webmail servers (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, aol, etc) are not used to send the invitations.
THE SENSITIVE DATA IS SAFE - the script and the database will be installed on your server.
The users, emails and the invited contacts ARE NOT STORED on foreign servers.
HIGH LEVEL OF SECURITY: Captcha security image, restrict the users by email or by ip, block the emails by domain name, define server email limits (per hour and per day).
HIGH INBOX DELIVERY RATE. The email delivery process is optimized and all invitations are configured to avoid spam filters.
5 in 1 viral invitation system: Webmail contacts importer, file importer, classic tell a friend script with unlimited recipients, easy sharer and website sharer.
Personalized email invitation. It contains special merge tags, automatically replaced by the script: "Recipient's Name", "Recipient's Email", "Sender's Name", "Sender's Email", etc.
Follow-up emails for invited contacts and subscribers. Detailed reports for all email campaigns.
Newsletter module: It can send recurrent emails to all users in the database (invited contacts, users and subscribers).
AWEBER INTEGRATION - optional, all subscribers will be automatically stored in your Aweber account.
DETAILED REPORTS: Users, visitors, subscribers - the ability to download all as CSV file.
"INVITE TO UNLOCK CONTENT" feature: You can lock some pages on your website and allow the users to see the content only if they will invite a certain number of friends to visit your website.
ADMIN PANEL to configure and customize the script.
5 visual themes/skins included in the package.
For a better integration on your website, in admin panel, you can change the visual theme of the public interface
Customizable REWARD SYSTEM to motivate the users to invite as many contacts as possible.
You can reward the users for inviting their friends and also for the number of visitors:
Reward #1 - for the total number of invitations sent
Reward #2 - for the total number of visitors
Reward #3 - for the number of timed visitors
Reward #4 - for a custom goal (registrants, subscribers, buyers, etc)
To send the emails, the script can use your hosting internal email server or multiple SMTP servers.
The script will automatically switch between the SMTP servers.
The script is able to send the email invitations immediately or using a cron job (email queue).
The possibility to define maximum number of emails sent per hour and day.
Unsubscribe links included in emails. Allow/disallow to import and invite unsubscribed emails.
Allow/disallow to import and invite already invited contacts.
Customizable content, email body, subject, from email and from name.
The system can automatically send personalized recurrent REMINDERS to:
- all users who invited their friends and ask them to send more invitations (to win the rewards).
- all recipients who did not visit your website (to remind them about the benefits of your website)
The html editors included in the admin panel will help you to customize your emails or public pages.
You can use the smart "T" button to automatically insert the available merge tags in the email body.
Using the "check status" module, the users are able to check their progress (recipients, visitors, rewards). Also, the "monthly rankings" module can be used if you intend to encourage the users to receive all rewards and invite more friends.
Customizable thank you email, confirmation email and redirection page.
All users will receive a custom thank you email and they will be redirected to predefined landing page.
Using the admin panel, the static and dynamic text can be TRANSLATED into any language.
Additional features: buzz login form, choose available webmail services for contact importer, imported contacts listed in a scrollable screen, and a lot more...
Install one time, use on multiple sites.
Just copy and paste the integration code in any section of your website.
Webmail contact importer accepts ALL country/region specific and second level email addresses
(.uk, .de, .fr, .it, .es, .au, .nz, .ca,, .br, .nl, .it, etc )!
You can integrate the script anywhere on your website
(iframe, overlay window, independent or pop-up window).
Full Html support. All features, content, text blocks are optional and customizable.
The script can be used on your websites or it can be integrated as a Facebook application
"Opt-in to your mailing list" feature. Super Tell A Friend will automatically build your email list!
The source code and the updates are provided at no extra cost.
Compatible with all browsers and operating systems. It works on Windows and Linux servers.
Super Tell A Friend can be integrated into any kind of website in a few minutes.
FREE updates.