Tell a friend script with contacts importer

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The only tell a friend script with email contacts importer, multi-level rewards and follow-up emails

Word of mouth marketing campaigns. Tell a friend contests. Contacts importer.
Super Tell A Friend main features:
Contact importer screenshot

Webmail contacts importer

File importer and classic tell a friend

Easy sharer module
Social media sharer

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Multi-level rewards

Scheduled email reminders

Follow-up emails
Custom reports and statistics
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super Tell A Friend?
It is the most complete and efficient tell a friend system on the market that will allow your users/visitors to invite their friends to join/visit your websites using 5 different methods.
It is the only tell a friend script on the market with multi-level rewards, reminders and follow-up emails!

What are the server requirements for Super Tell A Friend?
Super Tell A Friend is a web based application and it requires a web browser to operate.
It is compatible with any kind of website, all browsers and operating systems.
» 1 Mysql database (for PRO version)
» PHP 5.0 or higher
These settings are standard on all servers.

After purchasing this product, do I get updates for the script?
Yes, you will get free updates as long as the email providers will allow fetching the contacts and parse their content.
The updates will be delivered by email as soon as possible. All updates are free for 12 months.

Do I receive the source code of the application?
Yes, you will receive the source code and you are allowed to modify it conforming to your needs.

If one of my visitors imports a huge list, can it crash my server?
No. The script has a lot of settings to protect your server.
In the admin interface, you can set the maximum emails sent per hour and day.
Also, you can configure the script to send the emails immediately or using a cron job (email queue).

Do I get support after purchasing the script?
Yes, for free. All clients are welcomed to use the customer cupport section.

Does the end user (your site visitors/members) need any special software installed?
No, the user just needs a normal web browser. The script is compatible with all browsers.

Can I modify the tell a friend form design?
Yes, it is very easy. You can change the feel and look using the admin panel and also the css file.

How can I configure the script?
All features can be modified using the admin interface for the PRO version or a config file for the regular version.

What is the list of supported services (contact importer module)?
Yahoo, Ymail, Rocketmail, Gmail, Googlemail,, AOL, ICQ Mail, Hotmail, MSN, Live, Lycos, Rediffmail, Fastmail, GMX. Country/region specific and second level email addresses are also supported (.uk, .de, .fr, .it, .es, .au, .nz, .ca ,etc )!

After purchasing Super Tell A Friend, do I have to pay extra fees?
No, this is one time payment and you're free to use it without any additional fees.
Also, free updates are included in this price.

I uploaded the script on my server, but it is not working.
First, please read the documentation available in the package.
If you are still having issues, please contact us in existing clients support section.

Can I resell this script?
Not without our permission. For resell rights, please use our affiliate program.

Where can I see a working demo of this script?
To test the system online, please click here.

Can I get a customized version of the script?
Yes! We will customize the script to your specifications or requirements.
Contact us for additional details.

Do you offer support with installation?
Yes, we offer installation support. However, it is very easy to install (no more than 5 minutes).
Also, on demand, we can install the script on your server for FREE.

What should I do if I do not need all script's features?
No problem, the script is 100% customizable. All modules and features can be enabled or disabled.
For example, if you do not need the reward system, "classic tell a friend module" or any other module, you can disable any of these in the admin panel.

Why doesn't the script allow to import contacts from social networks such as Facebook or MySpace?
Inviting contacts from social networks is not considered legal and it is not recommended. This is why social networks do not show the email addresses in their respective contact list sections.
To send emails from the script you would be using the social network's internal message center – WHICH WILL result in the social network banning your server and your user account may be affected. Inviting contacts from email providers however IS LEGAL AND SECURE because the emails are sent using your email server.
This is why Super Tell A Friend is 100% SECURE.

Can Super Tell A Friend be used with other applications (Dolphin, Joomla, Wordpress, etc)?
Yes, the script can be integrated into any existing application.

Can Super Tell A Friend be integrated in ASP pages?
Yes, the script can be integrated into any ASP page. You will only have to paste the integration html code into your existing ASP page.

I have seen other cheaper or free scripts. What is the difference?

Other scripts:
- You will not get free support and you will have to install the script by yourself
- Usually these scripts are not updated
- For most of them, you will have to pay for the updates
- Security issues: most of them are addons and the emails, reports and all sensitive information is stored on their server
- No after-purchase support
- No installation support
- Spam: all emails are sent immediately. No unsubscribe links.
- No admin panel. The script is very difficult to configure and customize
- Limited functionality and poor quality
- Usually, you will have to pay extra fees for integration, customization and updates
- Limited features

Super Tell A Friend:
- Free support
- Free updates for 12 months
- The sensitive data and the database are located on your website.
- High level of security: Captcha security image, block users by email or ip, define delivery email limits
- Free after-purchase support
- Anti-spam policy: All emails, invitations, reminders and follow-up emails contain unsubscribe links.
- Inbox delivery: The script sends the emails in packets and the delivery method is optimized to avoid spam filters
- Admin panel to configure and customize the script
- No extra fees for support, integration and updates
- A lot of extra features: Additional modules, email list building, opt-in feature, reports, reminders, rewards, follow-up emails and a lot more!

For additional questions, please contact us.