Tell a friend script with contacts importer

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The only tell a friend script with email contacts importer, multi-level rewards and follow-up emails

Word of mouth marketing campaigns. Tell a friend contests. Contacts importer.
Super Tell A Friend main features:
Contact importer screenshot

Webmail contacts importer

File importer and classic tell a friend

Easy sharer module
Social media sharer

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Multi-level rewards

Scheduled email reminders

Follow-up emails
Custom reports and statistics
Why you should choose Super Tell A Friend
Super Tell A Friend is the best script to use if you want to implement word of mouth marketing campaigns and increase traffic. It is not an addon or an open source script. This means the script will be installed on your website and all the sensitive data (users, emails, contacts, subscribers) are stored on your server, in your database.

Super Tell A Friend VS other scripts or addons

Super Tell A Friend Other scripts or addons
A lot of features included: additional modules, mailing list manager, opt-in feature, detailed reports and visitor statistics, email reminders, multi-level rewards, follow-up emails, HTML editors, custom merge tags, invite to unlock feature, multi-language support, monthly rankings module and a lot more! Limited functionality and poor quality.
5 in 1 tell a friend script: webmail contacts importer, file importer, messenger mass messages, social networks sharer, classic tell a friend. Limited features.
High level of security: captcha security image, block users by email or IP, block emails by domain/host, define delivery email limits per hour and day. Security issues: most of these scripts are addons and the emails, subscribers and all sensitive information is stored on their servers.
High inbox delivery rate: the script sends the emails in packets and the delivery method is optimized to avoid spam filters. Multiple external SMTP servers are supported.
Spam issues: the emails are sent immediately and most of them are delivered in spam folder.
Anti-spam policy: all emails, invitations, reminders and follow-up emails contain unsubscribe links. Unsubscribe links are not included in the emails.
Easy to configure using the admin panel. No admin panel. These scripts are very difficult to configure and to customize.
Lifetime FREE support and updates. Usually, you will have to pay extra fees for integration, customization and updates. No after-purchase support.
FREE installation support. You will not get free support and you will have to install the script by yourself.
One time payment. No monthly or annual fees! Most of the free scripts are outdated.
For addons you will have to pay a monthly/annual fee.

These are only a few benefits of Super Tell A Friend. For additional details, please contact us.